Data-Driven automated verification approach to simplify software development & releases.

Optimize your software development phase and ready to business.

One Platform for All Automation Verification

Global Automation Technology Inc is powered by a well designed automation tools and utilities.

Time Savings

InRule users experience an 80% reduction in development time.

Cost Savings

InRule users save and retiring from legacy testing systems.

Reduced Risk

Rapid response capabilities with enhanced visibility and quick decision control


Speed-up thoughts, new enhancement apps to market

Increased Revenue

InRule users reported an increase in profit.

Rules form the foundation of our strategy because they’re the way you run your business. Global Automation Technology optimize software products’ verification cycle and speed up your business process.

Tailored automation solution for all types of software systems to minimize legacy manual verification process.

Transform your Business with Automated Systems.

Software Release Cycle optimization is the first priority of Global Automation Technology Inc